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The last time you’ve heard from me here was just before the start of the Dymytry & Hämatom tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The tour went on throughout April and May, it was extremely successful and we all had great fun. Footage of my drum solo from this tour will be ready in a few weeks! I’m working on it, digging through a pile of videos from all the concerts… For now, I’m posting a video of the drum version of the song VÍC NEŽ BŮH, i.e. a remake of the song WIR SIND GOTT by Hämatom, which Dymytry recorded on the EP “Víc než bůh”. This video was edited from footage shot during the making of the music video for the song. 

After the tour with Hämatom, Dymytry performed two concerts in Germany with the legendary Pantera, followed by summer festivals in the Czech Republic. I would like to mention our performance at the prestigious traveling festival “HradyCZ” or at the new festival events called “Rock in Town”. I’m adding footage of my drum solo from HradyCZ and a solo from the “Rock in Town” festival at the Plaza amphitheatre in Pilsen.



In my free time I also managed to play a few outdoor Drumming Syndrome shows. For example, at “The Legends Rock Fest” in Hořice, at the legendary Czech festival “TrutnOff”, or at a festival in Kroměříž, where the following video was shot…


I will finish this update with the video “Drums’n’Rock’n’Metal Medley”, which you can find on my “10th Anniversary Compilation” album and on streaming platforms such Spotify, Apple music, etc. 



And now we have started to focus on the biggest Dymytry concert in history, our 20th anniversary celebration in Prague’s O2 Arena on November 24th 2023!
This show will also be the last one for the singer Honza “Protheus” Macků, who decided to leave the band to devote himself to his solo career… A new era of DYMYTRY awaits us!


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You can now listen to my Drumming Syndrome albums “Welcome to Korea”, “Drums’n’Rock’n’Metal medley” and “Drum Solos 2012 – 2022 Compilation” on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other streaming platforms! Look up my profile Miloš Meier and stream! 😉

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I also posted a new remastered version of my Drumming Syndrome performance for the online Seoul Drum Festival 2021 in South Korea on my YouTube channel! Due to copyright reasons the original video was partially blocked so I decided to post the video again, taking the opportunity to improve the sound and change the audio background in the blocked part. Check it out – I consider this video to be one of my most essential Drumming Syndrome LIVE videos and it’s titled “Welcome to Korea (Live for Seoul 2021)”! Enjoy! 🙂



Together with my friend, guitarist and producer Brian Bajak, we released two more singles from our upcoming instrumental metal record. Both songs had already been released on my 10TH ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION USB album, now they are also available on YouTube!


This year started for me with the concerts of my Drumming Syndrome Tour. I really enjoy the support I receive everywhere and thank you very much for it! You can watch a video report from one of my Drumming Syndrome performances below – from Uničov! A lot of both solo concerts and subsequent festival appearances are still ahead of me, watch the CONCERTS section here!


In March, after the main part of the Drumming Syndrome Tour was completed, I immediately continued with Dymytry and we toured together with our good friends from Germany – with the band Hämatom. We played eight great concerts here in the Czech Republic, released an EP together and we are about to tour Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s going to be a blast and there’s a lot more to come!

I also reminisced about my performance at the Silesia Drum Festival in Poland in October and released an almost half-hour long recording of my set. I met the world’s top drummers there and I had the honour of playing alongside drummers such as Chris Coleman, Virgil Donati, Kaz Rodriguez and Wiktoria Bialic. I’d had a tough week behind me and a trip straight to Madrid ahead of me plus a subsequent month-long European tour with Dymytry. During my forty-five-minute set, I didn’t feel at my best physically and mentally, but I tried to put as much energy into my playing as possible and push myself to the limit of my physical capabilities. I really appreciate the feedback I received from other drummers and fans, despite my great exhaustion, which I believe was not recognizable owing to my great self-denial and effort… Because of that, unfortunately, my feelings about playing the set were not so good and I did not enjoy drumming as much as I wanted to. However, the response and success at this festival was another wonderful experience and made my name more visible in the drumming world. 🙏🌍


Hello my website! 🙂 The last news here is from March 26 2021, so I am “a little” behind again. I rely too much on the fact that everyone is on social networks… Which of course is not necessarily true, so I decided to post something here at least once a month.
A lot has happened in the past two years, so before I go into detail here (check out the BIO section please, everything has been updated there), I will mention just one of the most important events. And that is, after ten long years, the release of a new Drumming Syndrome album in November 2022. Since the DVD popularity has declined over the years, many people don’t use them at home anymore and maybe don’t even have a DVD player, I came up with the idea of releasing this album as a 60 GB USB flash drive. I uploaded over 200 minutes of videos plus bonuses to it, engraved my logo on it, put it in a beautiful box, added a twenty-eight-page booklet with a comprehensive biography in Czech and English along with some older photos, and put the whole thing in a luxury box. And this whole piece is the result of many years of preparation, planning, recording, drumming, writing, organizing… I’m happy that it all got completed and after ten years since my first Drumming Syndrome DVD I can present to you the “10th ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION” USB album. I’m currently on tour to support this new album, there is a release party at every concert, I play a new two-hour programme and after the show we can meet at my merch booth where I also have a lot of new stuff.
I will be happy to see you at my shows!


For already few months we have been living in a lockdown world, world without face to face live shows, with no live entertainment, no travelling, etc. This situation has an effect on everyone, including myself. I used to have 3-4 shows a week, I travelled around the country meeting new people, getting to know new places, I was used to have like 2 free (non-concert) week-ends a year… and now, nothing for already ages.
Of course our health is now, what matters the most and I hope we’re all manage this period well! Fingers crossed Everybody, stay well and healthy! Hope it all ends soon and we’ll see each other live again!

After the first restrictions in spring 2020 I managed to perform quite some shows between June and September and both with Dymytry and my Drumming Syndrome. And even before that we did manage to stream our first Live Steam Concert with Dymytry (the second one followed in December). Here comes my drumming solo from that concert:

From June the Dymytry „Monster Meeting“ Open Airs with Traktor band took place and despite all the Covid objections they all ended up well with a maximum allowed capacity of 2000 attendees. Anywhere we played we experienced great atmosphere and spontaneous welcome. As if we all were to know we were not going to meet live for some time…
The continuation of „Monster Meeting“ tour planned for this May is no likely to happen, but let’s hope that by summer the Covid situation will get better and we’ll meet again at live shows. In the mean time, enjoy the Drumming Syndrome version of Dymytry’s „Černí Andělé“.

The Drumming Syndrome summer 2020 was Cool! For the first time in the Drumming Syndrome’s history I prepared an open-air tour at various interesting site and rehearsed a special extended programme divided into two parts separated by a short break. Every and single show exceeded my expectations, the maximum energy I give in into this project got back to me multiplied. I am enjoying it soooooo much!!!!! 😀
We shot „aftermovies“ from two of this DS tour. First one is from Chrudim /Czech Rep./, where the show due to bad weather took place in the R-club in the end:

The second aftermovie comes from Uničov /Czech Rep./. The weather there was brutally bad the whole day on, but in the end it got better and the show took place open-air as originally planned. See, how brilliant it was in the end…

In that time I also started a new project with Slovakian guitarist, Brian Bajak, with whom we are preparing a whole LP. Our first single is a song called „After The Rain“…

and is available in drumming version, too.

Unfortunately, we have been getting along without live shows since October and therefore I have been searching for new challenges and opportunities. I spend my time mostly by creating new projects, shooting drumming videos, etc. A few examples are to be found here…
„Radioactive Drum Solo“ amended by samples and electronic sound by Brian Bajak,

Slipknot’s „Unsainted“ quickly shot during Dymytry recording,

„Last Christmas“ published before Xmas to pass on the Christmas atmosphere,

short part of „Pop Rock Medley“, which I play during Drumming Syndrome concerts,

or the „Land Of Confusion“ from Genesis.

Other videos are already grabbed and just wait to be published and even more are planned.

Beside these „professional“ videos, I started to shoot as I call them „Instagram pieces“ in my rehearse room. To do these videos I just use my phone. I select newly published LP and one song that caught my interest and I drum it until the very last tone and the very last hit exactly as in the original song so that it perfectly fits the original sound. It’s a great challenge and I love it! When publishing a video I also add my impression from the whole album, so if you seek some good tips and reviews of new LPs, you know where to find my Instagram
I add the videos to my YouTube channel, too for I know that there are still people without social media. I published 4 tracks into the first video and more will come little by little.

I started to give lessons last year again. I call them „DS Drum School“ and I offer private consultations as well as regular lessons. I have a modern rehearsing room equipped with latest technology, having two drum sets. I will be happy to share my experience, I’ll do my best to advise you with your drumming challenge and will find the best drumming exercises just for you. When interested, do not hesitate to e-mail me to



I continuously try to tune and extend my Drumming Syndrome merch. The latest piece, which I am really proud of, is Drumming Syndrome Coffee! I feel really happy about it, I like it and will be most delighted if you give it a try!
Also, I really thank you a lot for ordering my merch! You may not know, but doing it you are supporting all my drumming effort, these videos, film shooting, rehearsing, etc. I appreciate it a lot!



Last but not least, here is a greeting from my son, Adam.
Take care!


Hello from my website after a long time. I write on here very rarely… but concerts info, e-shop, videos etc. is being regularly updated and everything else I post on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Social networks make the world go round. Well now I’m writing in a difficult time when it’s mainly coronavirus that makes the world go round and it has an impact on everybody’s life. I wish you all to stay healthy and successfully deal with the current situation.

When I look back at 2019, I can see mainly a row of shows, especially with Dymytry and my Drumming Syndrome. It was a big load of concert experience where I had the opportunity to play in front of large crowds, thank you so much for that. Much appreciated.

A video of my solo during the Dymytry show in Forum Karlín at the end of 2018 is available here…

In September 2019 Dymytry released a new album called “Revolter”, which was awarded gold in a few days and platinum in a few weeks… I released two drum videos from this album. The first one is from the studio recording of the song “There is no way out”, the second one from shooting the video for the song “Chernobyl”.

In the second half of 2019 I published two videos… In the first one I play a song by one of my favorite drummers, Dave Weckl. From his repertoire I had chosen “Road to Connemara” and slightly rearranged it into my “Drumming Syndrome” interpretation. Learning individual parts of the song and very creative grooves were a big challenge for me and I spent hours practicing. Although I have great respect for Dave Weckl, my goal was not to imitate his playing style, but to bring my own creativity and more “rock” style of playing into some parts of the song. Dave Weckl will always remain one of my drummer heroes and this video is a sort of a small tribute to him…

In the second video I came up with a pop song. Although my heart is mostly rock and metal, I enjoy listening to other music styles and I respect a lot of artists from different genres.

It was The Chainsmokers who have caught my attention in the recent years; they have been making high-quality dance and pop music which I like thanks to their modern sounds and energy. And it is the energy that is important for my drumming, so I chose their song “Don’t Say” to play. I adjusted it a bit as usual and rearranged it into my “Drumming Syndrome” style. 😉

Earlier this year I started working hard on the new Drumming Syndrome concert programme. The intention was to make it even more attractive thanks to popular rock, metal and pop tunes. And during practicing in my rehearsal room I started recording pieces of my favourite songs and then posted them to my social networks and YouTube under the name “Drum Cave Videos”. You can watch one of these videos if you click on the link below and all my “Drum Caves” can be found in the VIDEO section here.

This year you had the chance to see the new Drumming Syndrome programme in several venues in our country until we were hit by the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, when concert activities had to be interrupted. I managed to play about a half of my tour, which I called the “Drums’n’Rock’n’Metal Hits Tour”. Other dates are being postponed, be patient please, there’s nothing else we can do at the moment… :/ I hope to see you soon at the remaining dates, as well as at the Dymytry tour dates and other events … Here’s the “Drums’n’Rock’n’Metal Hits Tour” video-invitation.

About a year ago I made a Q&A video to answer your questions that you had posted on Facebook and Instagram. I received lots and tried to answer all of them, at least briefly.

Here it is. 🙂

Last but not least, one of the most important and crucial events of last year was, of course, the birth of my son Adam. Check out the video, shall he become a drummer too? 🙂


Let’s see, it’s up to him 🙂 Take care and hope to see you soon!!

...s Adámkem


I kicked off this year with a series of concerts of the Drumming Syndrome Tour, followed by the Dymytry Tour in March. Everything is going great and I’m enjoying it! I’ve done two interviews for the »ROCK SOUND« and »MUSIC SERVER« websites which you can read here (only in czech). I answered maaaany questions regarding the above mentioned tours and also my life. 😉

Check out a video-report that was recorded during the Drumming Syndrome show in Brno here (with EN subtitles):

I have released a new drum video; its basis was recorded in June 2018 and I completed the video with my percussion drum set in January 2019. Here’s the result. It’s a soundtrack to the film “Slumdog Millionaire” in my Drumming Syndrome “double” arrangement.

A video of my solo from the autumn 2018 Dymytry shows in Germany was made, the footage had been recorded by my GoPro camera. Take a look at my metal madness and at the end of the video you can see how great the atmosphere was.

The first Dymytry “Monstrum” concert in Prague (March 23rd 2018) was released on DVD and here is my solo from it…

And finally, a TV report about my Drumming Syndrome show in “Top Star” TV show on Prima TV. Drums among Czech Celebrities. 😀

That’s all for now, stay tuned and till next time! 😉


It’s been two years since my last post! 😀 Right now I’m sitting in our dressing room after a show in Bielenfeld, Germany, and I have realized I should eventually post something. It’s been a while. 🙂 So… „I’m alright!“ haha 😀

There’s always something going on so if you follow social networks that make the world go round, including me, you know everything! 🙂
I’ll start with sharing a couple of videos that have been recorded this year. The first one in 2018 was my version of „War Pigs“ in a soundtrack version of the „300 – War of an Empire“ film. The caption above the video explains what I meant by this song. Not everybody got it. 🙂

On the same recording day I wanted to have more fun and recorded a Metallica cover. I’ve loved this band since I was 12, they’re among my three favourite bands. And the other two? Guns N’Roses and the third one will remain a secret. 🙂 There is so much music I listen to so the third position is variable. 🙂

For the last two years I’ve been starting most of my Drumming Syndrome shows with the Sherlock Holmes film soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. I’ve decided to record this song and here’s the result…

I enjoyed the day to the full and recorded two more songs. I went for a proper metal hit and my choice was Machine Head! Check it out and expect the third smash song in a couple of weeks! 😉

Despite all these recording activities my priority remains playing live and concerts. I love it! I do most shows with Dymytry and my Drumming Syndrome. I’m incredibly happy with the way it works, develops and moves forward. I always try to work hard, improve, and I appreciate every feedback which supports my efforts. Thanks!!! I’m sharing a video-report from my Prague Drumming Syndrome show at the end of 2017. The atmosphere explains why I’m so happy after every show and why I look forward to the next one!

Those of you who follow me know that I travel from time to time thanks to my job and I have a chance to get to know the world. Last year I went “syndroming” to the Seoul Drum Festival in South Korea, to the NAMM Musikmesse Russia in Moscow or on a Drumming Syndrome Tour in Poland. Nowadays we also try to perform abroad with Dymytry and our efforts resulted in the current tour in Germany with our friends from Hamatom. It’s been a blast! The latest news is my collaboration with Gus G. (ex Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind). It’s another opportunity to travel the world and fulfil my dreams. Follow my concerts here, you’ll find everything there! I’m adding a video of my performance in South Korea. It was incredible… A wonderful welcome by local fans, a fantastic atmosphere during the whole festival, perfect organization, and much more. I can share my feelings in this video. My performance at the Seoul Drum Festival 2017:

You can find me on the front page of the “Muzikus” magazine this month which contains an extensive interview. It includes stories about the most important moments of my career, drums, practising, or the background of it all. I feel honoured to be on the front page of a magazine where I have read about my music idols since my very beginnings.


Last but not least I’m sharing my solo from a Dymytry show at the Masters of Rock festival 2017. This video has become my most viewed on YouTube and has reached almost half a million views in less than a year. It would be cool to celebrate the half-million, wouldn’t it? 🙂 Thank you all for your support, take care!


PS. Next time it won’t take me so long to post here! 🙂


Hi friends!

I have been silent for a while so I don’t even know where to start 🙂 In the era of social networks I try to post all the news there so I’ll be happy if you follow me on my Facebook profile or recently also on Instagram.

In the beginning of 2016 I was busy with Michal Pavlíček’s projects. First concerts with his Trio, followed up by shows with his band STROMBOLI where I stepped in for Klauda Kryšpín, who was sick at that moment. This period finished with an anniversary three-hour show of Michal Pavlíček to celebrate his 60th birthday in the Prague venue Forum Karlín.

DYMYTRY released a new album „Agronaut“ in March 2016. Straight after that we set out on a spring tour with the band Arakain. After several shows at summer festivals we toured with Arakain again in autumn.

In the beginning of 2017 Dymytry released an EP called „Seven Ravens“ („Sedmero Krkavců“ in Czech), completed with three videos. It was followed up with a headline tour. After the tour the EP „United We Stand“ (in English) was released.

During 2016 I played a few concerts with STROY to support the EP “Like It Or Not”. However, in February 2017 I decided to leave the band due to lack of time and partly due to different views on things… As one of STROY’s co-founders I enjoyed the times we had together and I wish the guys all the best for the future, albeit without me.

In 2016 I played several DRUMMING SYNDROME shows and recorded two new drum videos – Epysode III. and Dymytry medley 2016.

This year I have been working on my DRUMMING SYNDROME tour which includes around 20 dates in the Czech Republic.

In September 2016 I performed at the Adams Drumworld Festival in the Netherlands and at the Meinl Drum Festival in Germany. I experienced an incredible welcome from fans at the Seoul Drum Festival 2017 in South Korea.


2015 IN BRIEF…

Hello everybody! 😉

This „news“ on my website has been a little delayed, probably for over a year 😀 There was so much going on in 2015 that I didn’t even know where to start so I preferred not to start at all. 🙂 🙂
Anyway I’m always online on my fb fan page so all the news are posted there! 😉

Let’s see what 2015 brought…:

With DYMYTRY we released EP „Z PEKLA“ („FROM HELL“), we did a long tour on our own, played many festivals and recorded a double DVD “ŽIVĚ 2015” („LIVE 2015“). All together we played 100 shows in 2015! And now a new album is coming out, „AGRONAUT“. (video from the recording here »»»)

Regarding my activities with STROY, we ended up in third place in an international contest of bands GBOB in Oslo, Norway and recorded an EP „Like It Or Not“ in Alain Johannes‘s 11AD studio in Los Angeles.

I recorded a drum cover video of the song „Truth Be Told“ by Megadeth. I made the beginning of it a little longer. 🙂 Here it is!!!

I also played shows with SUPERGROUP.CZ, BSP and Michal Pavlíček; I also played drums for his project with Richard Müller and Michal Horáček called „Sociální Síť“ („Social Network“).
I played drums on Daniel Landa’s album „ŽITO“ and performed in his entire „Velekoncert“ („Megashow“) for 50 000 people.
I became a member of and international project „EPYSODE“ of a Belgian composer and guitarist Samuel Arcan. (»more here«)

You can find my interview for an internet magazine FRONTMAN.CZ from the beginning of 2015 here»»» (only in czech). Click »HERE« for albums that changed my life, »HERE« for an interview, both published in the FAKKER magazine…

Be happy, thank you for all your support and I hope to see you soon!!! 😉

IMG_3489 JU

STROY – new CD has been released with new video + interview!, DYMYTRY – DVD and video – drum solo, DIZENTER – recording of new CD and drumming video, DANIEL LANDA Žito Tour – New photo gallery, DRUMMING SYNDROME – at Hard Rock Café Prague, INTERVIEW – a chat with GROOVE PORTAL, NEW YEAR!


With STROY we have finally finished and released our first record called “ADAM REBORN”! You can order or download it on our official site HERE. HERE you can listen to the title song of this album. Below you can watch current videoclip – debut single to this CD and ADAM REBORN song. An interview with me, Michal Skorepa about STROY, the album and our future plans for music magazine iReport you can see HERE.

With DYMYTRY we have recorded a DVD along with ARAKAIN from our tour. There is part from our and from ARAKAIN´s show with the battle of drummers included. Also you can see part where both bands will encouter on one stage! Take a look on first song from DYMYTRY´s set.

Well and here is my solo from one summer festival “Rock of Sadska” where we were playing after an afternoon gig in Jihlava and brutal soaker on the way quite late through the night. In the middle of my solo Protheus will join me to his “Proth-Drum” and in the end guitarist DYMO will show his typical athletic performance. 🙂

I have recorded new album for band DIZENTER. It is called “Armageddon” and with it there is a new video to the song “Nine Worlds” which you can watch HERE! And I went and made drummer version of the song from shots taken on the set. 🙂

In November I´ve played with czech famous singer Daniel Landa five concerts which were his tour around sport halls in Czech. Take a look HERE in the gallery how it looked like at the shows. And there is one more thing: Video from rehearsal on the Žito tour.

My DRUMMING SYNDROME still quite rests. 🙂 One of the autumn exceptions was at Prague´s Hard Rock Café where I played forty-minutes DS set and then had gig with STROY within the frame of baptism STROY´s video-clip Adam Reborn. HERE you can read this event´s report from Miroslav Placek and see the video…

HERE you can find out more about interview with me which I did for drum magazine GROOVE PORTAL. (in English!) Yeah and I have some news in the SHOP so be sure to check it out. 🙂

And finally I would like to wish you nice spending of Christmas holidays and best wishes in New Year! I am really glad for your support and hope to see you soon!!! 🙂