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For already few months we have been living in a lockdown world, world without face to face live shows, with no live entertainment, no travelling, etc. This situation has an effect on everyone, including myself. I used to have 3-4 shows a week, I travelled around the country meeting new people, getting to know new places, I was used to have like 2 free (non-concert) week-ends a year… and now, nothing for already ages.
Of course our health is now, what matters the most and I hope we’re all manage this period well! Fingers crossed Everybody, stay well and healthy! Hope it all ends soon and we’ll see each other live again!

After the first restrictions in spring 2020 I managed to perform quite some shows between June and September and both with Dymytry and my Drumming Syndrome. And even before that we did manage to stream our first Live Steam Concert with Dymytry (the second one followed in December). Here comes my drumming solo from that concert:

From June the Dymytry „Monster Meeting“ Open Airs with Traktor band took place and despite all the Covid objections they all ended up well with a maximum allowed capacity of 2000 attendees. Anywhere we played we experienced great atmosphere and spontaneous welcome. As if we all were to know we were not going to meet live for some time…
The continuation of „Monster Meeting“ tour planned for this May is no likely to happen, but let’s hope that by summer the Covid situation will get better and we’ll meet again at live shows. In the mean time, enjoy the Drumming Syndrome version of Dymytry’s „Černí Andělé“.

The Drumming Syndrome summer 2020 was Cool! For the first time in the Drumming Syndrome’s history I prepared an open-air tour at various interesting site and rehearsed a special extended programme divided into two parts separated by a short break. Every and single show exceeded my expectations, the maximum energy I give in into this project got back to me multiplied. I am enjoying it soooooo much!!!!! 😀
We shot „aftermovies“ from two of this DS tour. First one is from Chrudim /Czech Rep./, where the show due to bad weather took place in the R-club in the end:

The second aftermovie comes from Uničov /Czech Rep./. The weather there was brutally bad the whole day on, but in the end it got better and the show took place open-air as originally planned. See, how brilliant it was in the end…

In that time I also started a new project with Slovakian guitarist, Brian Bajak, with whom we are preparing a whole LP. Our first single is a song called „After The Rain“…

and is available in drumming version, too.

Unfortunately, we have been getting along without live shows since October and therefore I have been searching for new challenges and opportunities. I spend my time mostly by creating new projects, shooting drumming videos, etc. A few examples are to be found here…
„Radioactive Drum Solo“ amended by samples and electronic sound by Brian Bajak,

Slipknot’s „Unsainted“ quickly shot during Dymytry recording,

„Last Christmas“ published before Xmas to pass on the Christmas atmosphere,

short part of „Pop Rock Medley“, which I play during Drumming Syndrome concerts,

or the „Land Of Confusion“ from Genesis.

Other videos are already grabbed and just wait to be published and even more are planned.

Beside these „professional“ videos, I started to shoot as I call them „Instagram pieces“ in my rehearse room. To do these videos I just use my phone. I select newly published LP and one song that caught my interest and I drum it until the very last tone and the very last hit exactly as in the original song so that it perfectly fits the original sound. It’s a great challenge and I love it! When publishing a video I also add my impression from the whole album, so if you seek some good tips and reviews of new LPs, you know where to find my Instagram
I add the videos to my YouTube channel, too for I know that there are still people without social media. I published 4 tracks into the first video and more will come little by little.

I started to give lessons last year again. I call them „DS Drum School“ and I offer private consultations as well as regular lessons. I have a modern rehearsing room equipped with latest technology, having two drum sets. I will be happy to share my experience, I’ll do my best to advise you with your drumming challenge and will find the best drumming exercises just for you. When interested, do not hesitate to e-mail me to



I continuously try to tune and extend my Drumming Syndrome merch. The latest piece, which I am really proud of, is Drumming Syndrome Coffee! I feel really happy about it, I like it and will be most delighted if you give it a try!
Also, I really thank you a lot for ordering my merch! You may not know, but doing it you are supporting all my drumming effort, these videos, film shooting, rehearsing, etc. I appreciate it a lot!



Last but not least, here is a greeting from my son, Adam.
Take care!