Miloš Meier | Drumming Syndrome


Hello my website! 🙂 The last news here is from March 26 2021, so I am “a little” behind again. I rely too much on the fact that everyone is on social networks… Which of course is not necessarily true, so I decided to post something here at least once a month.
A lot has happened in the past two years, so before I go into detail here (check out the BIO section please, everything has been updated there), I will mention just one of the most important events. And that is, after ten long years, the release of a new Drumming Syndrome album in November 2022. Since the DVD popularity has declined over the years, many people don’t use them at home anymore and maybe don’t even have a DVD player, I came up with the idea of releasing this album as a 60 GB USB flash drive. I uploaded over 200 minutes of videos plus bonuses to it, engraved my logo on it, put it in a beautiful box, added a twenty-eight-page booklet with a comprehensive biography in Czech and English along with some older photos, and put the whole thing in a luxury box. And this whole piece is the result of many years of preparation, planning, recording, drumming, writing, organizing… I’m happy that it all got completed and after ten years since my first Drumming Syndrome DVD I can present to you the “10th ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION” USB album. I’m currently on tour to support this new album, there is a release party at every concert, I play a new two-hour programme and after the show we can meet at my merch booth where I also have a lot of new stuff.
I will be happy to see you at my shows!