1984I was born on the 17th June 1984 in Jihlava but I grew up in Hronov, in the Náchod region – Czech republic. I come from a musical family, my father plays the french horn, he teaches french horn and other brass instruments and leads a brass orchestra in a music school in Hronov. My sister is a french horn player too and plays in a symphony orchestra in Karlovy Vary. My mother worked as a tutor and a teacher of music and other subjects at a primary school in Žďárky, a village 4 km from Hronov. Since I was born I have been close to the world of music and I might have been predestined to the role of a drummer because already as a child I „played the drums“ using pillows, pots and lids accompanying cute songs that my mum listened to when she was cooking. 🙂

1994But the first music instrument I started with was surprisingly not the drums but the piano. I got to play real drums when I was ten years old. I have always been fascinated by the drums since I was a child and when I found myself close to some band or orchestra performance, I always had to stand next to the drummer and watch him all the time. My choice was therefore absolutely natural. Because my father leads and conducts the brass orchestra as I have already mentioned, my career started right there. Playing brass and orchestra pieces, film and swing melodies was a good start for me as well as gradually gaining experience, something I have been grateful for until today. Besides the orchestra my father used to take me (as an eleven year old boy) as a stand-in for a drummer of his band that played at balls, weddings and other events. Thanks to this, I had an opportunity to experience playing at balls or celebrations as a child from 8 pm to 2 am.

1995 - DECHOVY ORCHESTRInvasion to PrivacyAt the beginning of my music career I had several teachers near Hronov. I would like to mention Mr. Miroslav Dewat from a primary music school in Úpice who was my teacher from the age of 12 to 15. At this age I became a fan of bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Death, Sepultura, Ozzy Osbourne, Guns’n’Roses and other rock and metal bands. Of course I wanted to play something similar. After jamming with my guitarist friends , rehearsing and playing covers of Metallica and Megadeth I got an offer from a band called INVASION TO PRIVACY and I went with them to the studio for the first time when I was 13. In the next two years we recorded two demo songs in Miloš Dodo Doležal’s HACIENDA studio. With this band I also started playing my first rock gigs. During that time I also wanted to play some fast and technical metal similar to my favourite band Death. Together with my friend and guitarist we set up a band ECLIPSE OF SHADOWS and we played several gigs and recorded a demo CD.

2001When I was 15 I started my studies at the Prague Conservatory. My musical evolution was further influenced by jazz, fusion, funky, pop and many other styles. I followed drummers like Dennis Chambers, Gary Novak, Omar Hakim or Dave Weckl. I used to go to their concerts a lot and got inspired by them. During that period I rehearsed about 10 hours a day. Except for that I had to dedicate some time to practising melodic drum instruments like the vibraphone, xylophone, marimba and tympani, because the conservatory I studied at is focused on classical music. Therefore I did not avoid playing these instruments including a triangle with an orchestra. 🙂 During this period I went through several bands like JUDAS PRIEST REVIVAL, DEKLARACE X or MAYDAY. I got back to the HACIENDA studio with a Czech death metal legend TORTHARRY. We recorded a CD named „White“ and I played several gigs with them as a guest after that. Unfortunately that was the time when my problems with hand muscles and tendons started; they were caused by practising too much. I took a few short breaks to heal up but finally I had to take a half-year break along with rehabilitation and alternative treatment. For the following 10 years I played the drums with bandages on my forearms for preventive and later also psychical reasons. 🙂 Because of this I was always wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt in photos.

2009When I was 18, after the health break, I started playing with various bands again, such as JESUS OM, jazz RED SOX TRIO, BON JOVI REVIVAL, PETR POLÁČEK&ILUZE, the singer VICTORIA, with the first Czech superstar ANETA LANGEROVÁ for six moths, and with some other bands as a guest or a session musician. An interesting experience was for example a three-month engagement in the CIRCUS BAND in Letná – Prague. I am grateful for the memories of accompanying lions, elephants, horses and clowns. 🙂

2006 - BSPWhen I was 19 I won an audition for a legendary Czech band B.S.P. (Balage, Střihavka, Pavlíček) and several successful tours followed. The highlight was a live DVD, „Live in Retro Music Hall“ from November 2006. For the following 7 years I played the drums with the singer Kamil Střihavka in his band LEADERS!. Together we recorded the CD „365“ and played hundreds of gigs. Until 2019 I played with Michal Pavlíček in his trio and our guests have often been interesting people from the Czech music scene – singers, musicians or orchestras.

2007 - Michal Pavlicek TrioWith this music legend and for me one of the best world guitarist I recorded the three CD set „Srdeční záležitosti“ in 2010. One of our beautiful experiences was also an anniversary concert in the Prague O2 Arena with Michal Pavlíček, a symphony orchestra and many exceptional guests. Its exceptionality was confirmed by platinum sales of the DVD and CD recording of this show and winning an award in the category „DVD of the year 2006“ at “Anděl” Czech music awards. My cooperation with Michal Pavlíček has been developping not only on the concert scene but also in his other projects; I played, for example, drum parts in his incidental music, in 2008 I performed in the musical DÁMA S KAMÉLIEMI, in 2015 I recorded on an album called „Sociální síť“ which was a common project of famous Czech personalities Richard Muller, Michal Pavlíček, Michal Horáček, and I also played as a guest in his legendary band PRAŽSKÝ VÝBĚR. In February 2016 I was on tour with the legendary Czech band STROMBOLI with Michal Pavlíček and Bára Basiková. In the same year, I also played the whole three-hour annual concert of Michal Pavlíček on his sixties in the Prague hall “Forum Karlín”, which I see as such an imaginary peak of my engagement with him, thanks to my program, amazing guests, great musicians on stage and the atmosphere that the concert had. The last album recorded with Michal Pavlíček so far is titled “Pošli to tam!” (Deliver it There! – translator’s note) (2019).

2011 - KAMIL STRIHAVKA LEADERS!I regularely meet on the stage with Michal Pavlíček and Kamil Střihavka in a group called SUPERGROUP.CZ. This band was created in 2013 based on a poll organized by the Rock & Pop magazine and radio station “Beat”, where the readers and listeners voted for their favourite drummer for one month , for their favourite singer the next month etc. After a successful tour we now perform at music festivals and play regular gigs. The playlist consists of hits of respective members, of covers of our favourite songs along with instrumental parts.


 2015 - DYMYTRYSince 2009 I have been a member of a metal masked band DYMYTRY. Originally it should have been just a one-off contract to record a debut CD “Neser“ and do a couple of follow-up gigs. But eventually I ended up as a full member of the band. We have recorded several CDs and video clips, released a DVD from our tour with a Czech metal legend ARAKAIN and also our own DVD „Živě 2015“ which was recorded during our first headlining tour. We have almost 100 gigs per year. Our fan base in the Czech Republic is numerous and we call them the „Dymytry family“. In 2017, we released an EP called “United We Stand”, sung in English (Dymytry used to sing exclusively in Czech till then), which was followed by a successful German tour with the band Hämatom and the first sold-out headline indoor concerts in the Czech Republic called Monstrum. There was a DVD released in 2018 created of the Prague Monster Show. So far, our last album “Revolter” (2019), which became platinum, was supported by an indoor tour, but further the concert activity was immediately significantly disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period, we will have at least a few headline open airs called “Monster Show” and two live stream concerts in forced lockdown breaks without normal concerts.

2011 - NOIDIn 2011 I started working with the singer Václav Noid Bárta and the DYMYTRY guitarist and we set up a band called NOID. In 2012 we released the CD „Rány“ but after some time the band finished its activity. Later I was involved in Václav Bárta´s solo projects.

Between 2008 and 2011 I was involved in the band ELEISON. During that time we also set up a project called THE FUSE with the guitarist of the aforementioned band René Rypar (Portless, es-Support Lesbiens,..), the singer Michal Skořepa and the bass guitarist Marek Bero Haruštiak. Under this name we recorded a 3-song demo.

2015 - STROYDuring that time, me and Michal Skořepa were on the same wavelength and we were keen to set up a new band. Michal picked up the guitar and during jamming together new compositions and ideas for our band STROY came up incredibly quickly. We invited the bass guitarist Marek Bero Haruštiak and recorded two singles “Forcing The Earth“ (2012) and „Down To The Mountain“ (2013). Later Marek decided to move to London and we found a new bass guitarist Jakub Antl. You can see him in the video clip of the aforementioned single. Together we finally recorded and released our first CD „Adam Reborn“ (2014). It soon became the album of the year on some Czech music servers, the video clip „Adam Reborn“ became the video clip of the year and STROY became the revelation of the year. In 2015 we won the third place in the international competition GBOB in Oslo, Norway. After this success we moved to the recording studio „11AD“ in Los Angeles to record a few songs with the producer Alain Johannes (Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Eleven, …). In one week we composed and recorded four songs that were released on an EP called „Like It Or Not“ (2015). In the beginning of 2017 I decided to leave the band due to other commitments which keep me very busy.

2014 - Daniel Landa ŽITO TourIn 2014 I accepted an offer to become the drummer in a very famous Czech singer DANIEL LANDA´s band. We did an arena tour, „Žito Tour“, I played the drums at his megashow „Velekoncert“ in Prague for 50 000 people and on his album „Žito“ (2015). In Daniel Landa´s band I met with the guitarist Tomáš Vartecký with whom I had already performed at a WANASTOWI VJECY gig which was a one-off affair for me.

2013 - WANASTOWI VJECYIn the mid-2015, I became a member of the prog-power metal project EPYSODE of the Belgian composer and guitarist Samuel Arcana for a while. The band’s albums feature a number of guests from the world metal scene, such as Evergrey, Pain of Salvation, Symphony X, or Triosphere. A video called “Epysode III” was created based on this collaboration.

I played several concerts in 2018 with the solo band of guitarist Gus G. (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) as part of his European tour for the album “Faerless”. However, this period was marked with my health problems, due to which I decided to leave this engagement later.

Apart from performing with bands I am also involved in music clinics and workshops. In the past the instrumental project WEIRD EXPERIMENT!? was created together with the bass guitarist Marek Haruštiak. I have also held seminars for example with the bass guitarist Jaryn Janek (ex-Krucipusk, Kamil Střihavka, …), or the guitarist Michal Skořepa. A rare experience was a meeting with the bass guitarist Reggie Worthy (ex- Ike&Tina Turner) – we jammed together during his workshops in Prague.


2015My workshops and shows are called the DRUMMING SYNDROME. Apart from typical clinics I also do concert versions. I have already done several successful tours and released a Drumming Syndrome DVD (2012). The setlist consists of compositions created especially for this project, songs from my bands in instrumental versions, drum solos, and I also speak about my music career, my drums and equipment, my experiences and musical endeavours. I also enjoy recording new drum videos that I add to my youtube channel. Two Slipknot covers have become particularly popular and that´s why you can hear them also at my Drumming Syndrome shows.

In 2016, I released my drum videos “Truth Be Told” and “Dymytry Medley 2016” on YouTube, that were followed by the shooting of many other videos, such as the drum versions of movie soundtracks “300 Rise of an Empire”, “Sherlock Holmes”, or “Slumdog Millionaire”.

At the Seoul Drum Festival in South Korea in 2017, my show was based on drumming short demonstrations of famous metal bands songs (Korn, Slipknot, Metallica, Disturbed…) interleaved with drum passages and solos. This performance significantly affected the future program of Drumming Syndrome performances, which began to include the playing of famous rock, metal and pop songs increasingly. The last tour of the drumming one-man show of the Drumming Syndrome project was called “Drums’n’Rock’n’Metal Hits Tour” and I presented a special program divided into two parts, in which you could hear specially arranged rock and metal world hits, drum solos, movie soundtracks, unplugged intermezzo and diversions into other musical genres. In the summer months, I also move the Drumming Syndrome from theaters, clubs and houses of culture to outdoor stages, where the performance length increases to two and a half hours.

2011 - LA RIOJA DRUMMING FESTIVALI play the drums at big drumming festivals all over the world. I would definitely like to mention the „DRUMMERSDAY“ festival in the Netherlands where I performed in 2010 along with the leading Dutch and Belgian drummers, or „LA RIOJA DRUMMING FESTIVAL“ 2011 in Spain where drummer stars like Ray Luzier from Korn, Chris Adler from Lamb of God, Chris Coleman (Prince), Tommy Aldridge (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake) or Brendan Buckley (Shakira) performed. In 2012 it was the „MEINL DRUM FESTIVAL“ in Germany where I performed along with Matt Halpern (Periphery), Benny Greb, or J. P. Bouvet. In 2014 I performed at a music trade fair „MUSIC ITALY SHOW“ in Italy. I played at the Meinl Drum Festival again in 2016, this time it took place in Warsaw, Poland. A week earlier I performed at the Adams Drumworld Festival in the Netherlands where I was honoured to play just before one of my biggest drum idols – Dave Weckl. A great experience was my performance at the Seoul Drum Festival 2017 in South Korea. The warm welcome by local fans was just incredible… In the same year, I go to present my drumming program to the Namm/Musikmesse Russia music fair in Moscow, where I play three performances during the three-day event.Seoul Drum Festival Of the other drumming festivals with my participation, Drumfest Slovakia or the Czech Drum Festival in Vysoké Mýto are definitely worth mentioning. After the Meinl Drum Festival in Warsaw, I am soon returning to Poland with my headline Drumming Syndrome Tour under the auspices of Meinl company.

The 2020 and 2021 are marked by Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns and concert bans. On the other hand, this motivates me to shoot various videos, both from the studio and from the rehearsal room, and to be more active regarding the drumming and private activities on the social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. There is also a joint project born with guitarist Brian Bajak, that has started with the single “After The Rain” in 2020.

Over the years, Drumming Syndrome has been developing and also the Drumming Syndrome merchandise has expanded. I see it as such an extension to my DS brand, which helps to support and make it more visible. Years ago, it started with the production of five T-shirts, today I try to invent various designs and original types of goods with graphic artists. So you can taste the Drumming Syndrome coffee, wear a Drumming Syndrome hoody and hold my signature sticks in your hands. By purchasing these goods, you significantly support my drumming activities, video recordings and, most importantly, you are promoting the Drumming Syndrome brand with me. To me, the Drumming Syndrome is a lifestyle that you can share with me! Thank you for that!

Pedagogical activity: Basically, from the very beginning of my studies at the conservatory, I started teaching drums privately and passing on my own experience. From 2012 to 2017 I worked as a cantor at the International Conservatory of Prague. In 2020, I founded a drum school named “DS Drum School”, which is open both for those interested in one-time consultations and for regular attendance. As part of my teaching program, I also organize seminars at music schools.

A little bit from my private life… I got married in 2018 and on April 24, 2019 my son Adam was born.Family

I endorse TAMA drums, MEINL cymbals, BALBEX drumsticks and AQUARIAN heads.